Vertical Carousel

Vertical Carousel storage systems are ideal for storing and managing small parts or documents.  Our clients have successfully integrated these Carousel systems to optimize their manufacturing, distribution, and production facilities, as well as office records.

Benefits of Vertical Carousel Solutions

  • Integrated inventory management
  • Increased productivity
  • Ease of inventory management
  • Computerized controller operate the unit
  • Put products and parts into the correct ergonomic zone
  • User safety is built into the system
  • Easy service access from the front
  • store and retrieve small items and documents without wasting revenue generating floor space with racks or filing cabinets.

Our Vertical Storage Carousel manufacturers are the top in the industry and their vertical carousels can be designed to meet the unique storage requirements of virtually any business.

Industrial Vertical Storage Carousels are completely enclosed motorized storage systems with rotating shelves, perfect for storing and managing small parts.

With the simple touch of a button, the requested stored items are quickly brought down to an ergonomically positioned waist-high work counter. The vertical carousels’ efficient storage system minimizes bending, reaching and lifting by employees when searching for parts. These design features decrease the likelihood of an on-the-job injury and increase picking efficiency.













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